Shannon Clark Wyatt

Shannon croppedLicensed Real Estate Professional
For any team in any industry to thrive (think athletics, research, business), it needs team players – those individuals who don’t hesitate to step outside the traditional boundaries of “who does what.” Introducing The Blasingame Group’s Shannon Clark Wyatt, licensed real estate professional…and ultimate team player.

A native of the Metro East area, Shannon went to work right after high school as a cocktail waitress and bar tender. She worked her way into becoming a bar manager and service manager at a local Applebee’s, and later served in the same role at a Chevy’s restaurant. Shannon thrived in that fast-paced environment where overcoming obstacles and making quick decisions was part of the normal routine.

“I loved running the kitchen,” Shannon says. “Every day it was something different. A cook would call off, or we would be short a dishwasher, and I would need to fill in the gap to keep things running. It was very hands on, and it was good for the team to see a manager working side-by-side with them.

“It doesn’t matter what the task is,” Shannon smiles. “When the job is to take care of the customer, you just step up and make it happen.”

Shannon’s calling to the real estate profession was triggered by a brief conversation with her neighbor, a builder who was looking for help in selling the homes in his development. Shannon loved the new construction and had a successful run in listing and selling the properties. That experience lead her to The Blasingame Group where for 18 months, she filled the role of inside sales associate, serving customers and setting appointments for brokers Jeb and Ginger Blasingame before transitioning to a full-time sales agent.

“We have a great team here,” Shannon says of her colleagues at The Blasingame Group. “And teamwork is what allowed us to help 578 families find new homes last year – and made us number one in the St. Louis area.”

When Shannon’s not making things happen for her clients, she’s tending to her team at home, with sons Tate 15 and Ty 11.

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