Heather White

Client Care Coordinator, Licensed Broker

As THeather black backgroundhe Blasingame Group’s client care coordinator, Heather White works with our buyers and sellers to make certain that their needs are being met. It’s Heather’s responsibility to ensure that each client is continuously moving one-step closer each day to his or her real estate objective. And she’s very good at this.

A licensed broker, Heather not only is intimately familiar with every step needed to close a transaction, but she brings more than a decade’s worth of hard-earned customer service expertise to her role. Early in her career, Heather worked as a Domino’s Pizza shift manager, then a bank representative for new accounts, and finally, a legal secretary for a law firm specializing in disability insurance claims. She smiles as she reflects on her previous work responsibilities:

“I’ve worked with people who were angry about their pizza, people who were angry about overdrawing their checking accounts, and people who were angry about not getting approved for disability,” Heather laughs.

“What I learned is how important it is to actually listen. Most of them (the irate customers) just wanted someone to listen…to understand their situation. Even if we couldn’t resolve an issue exactly as they wanted, they usually appreciated the fact that I cared and that I did my best to serve them.”

In addition to those problem-solving skills, it’s Heather’s sincere desire to serve others that sets her apart. During her tenure at the bank, Heather met a lady who was undergoing chemotherapy treatments that caused a number of side effects, including memory loss and other mental difficulties. She began to rely on Heather to balance her checkbook periodically – a service that Heather provided at no cost until the cancer took its toll. “She was a wonderful lady,” Heather says.

A creative soul, Heather attended a number of college art classes and enjoyed painting and sketching nature scenes and people, a hobby she calls “therapeutic.” Today her creativity emerges in the kitchen, where she prepares a steady stream of new, healthy recipes using fresh foods.

Are the dishes any good?

“I get no complaints,” she smiles.

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