Chauncey Mixon

Licensed Real Estate Professional

Chauncey croppedIf you’re looking for a Realtor® that would (and could) run through a brick wall to help you find the right home, Chauncey Mixon is your man. A linebacker at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, Chauncey learned persistence, discipline and accountability during his athletic career – qualities make him an ideal agent to serve your real estate needs.

A native of Mobile, Alabama, Chauncey’s client service approach is a combination of Southern hospitality, a servant’s heart and an unwavering commitment to help his buyers and sellers reach their goals.

After graduating from SIU-C, Chauncey began his professional career as a manager at a high-performing GAP retail store in California. He knew that customer service was his calling after a unique interaction one afternoon with a GAP customer. An elderly lady entered the store in search of a pair of jeans that was to be a birthday gift for her granddaughter, a girl who she hadn’t seen in years because she lived in a different part of the country.

This customer had been to every store in the mall and could not find the right pair of jeans. Because Chauncey had studied and knew the GAP’s extensive product line, he quickly identified the styles that had the best chance of fitting the granddaughter’s frame – at least as it was described by her loving grandma.

Chauncey recalled being nervous that the jeans might not fit, but after much discussion and consideration, he and the lady agreed on a pair, and she purchased the jeans. Two weeks later, the customer returned to the store, beaming. She was thrilled that the jeans had fit her granddaughter and had to come back to thank Chauncey in person for his patience and his skill at finding and recommending the perfect fit. Today, Chauncey is still finding the perfect fit, but now it’s for homebuyers in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Chauncey and his wife Christina, have two boys, Chauncey Jr., 2, and Chase, 8 months.

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